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Beautiful. Elegant. Lovely. Lively. Adventurous and always discreet, my name is Bella. I am a blue eyed blonde; a natural feminine beauty who is warm, sensual, and sophisticated. My private company and time is available by advance arrangement to established, confident, positive and generous gentlemen who are searching for the best. I am locally based as an escort to select gentlemen in London destinations by special arrangement.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as a gentleman’s escort companion. I am totally focused on discovering your particular delights to surpass your imagination, lavishing on you my considerable energy and talents leaving you breathless and completely detached from your everyday concerns. As you review my portfolio, kindly be aware that I am exclusive to a select few. I invite those upscale generous gentlemen of highly discerning taste and class who do not settle for second best.

The high caliber gentlemen that I cater to and who choose me do not need to be reminded of etiquette; however it seems prudent to touch upon some essential points to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible. Mutual respect, confidentiality, and discretion are absolutely essential for a successful relationship. All new gentlemen are thoroughly screened for my personal safety; information is permanently deleted after verification that you are a safe person for me to spend time with. As you are concerned about your privacy, I am concerned about my personal safety and privacy as well. Please be sure to read and understand my essentials and arrangements before contacting me.  Until then………

Ciao, Bella!

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Let’s make love :)

Hi everybody,

My name is Bella and I’m an escort girl in London. Yeah, I know, isn’t the greatest job in the world, but what can I say … it pays the bills and I love what I do.

Before you start judging me, pay attention and listen to what I have to say 🙂

So, once upon a time was a little girl named Bella. Right? No, that’s wrong…my real name is another, but I will not publish it here. So, the girl, aka Bella, was poor and had a sick mom and no father. Bella had 18 years. Because of the sickness of her mother and nobody in the family was working, the bills started to add up and the girl needed to make a living.

So that’s the beginning of the story. I know it isn’t great or hasn’t anything special in it, but I think this is the story of 90% of the escort girls.

In the meantime my mother deceased and I was left lonely on this not so friendly world. The need of attention, companionship and of course money pushed me to this business. I started slow because nobody knew me and for an escort is hard to make her regular customers also know as contributors. First month was a pain in the ass, had like 3 customers all the month and 1 of the them is meting with me even now, at the time of this post, after 3 years. 3 clients in a month as an escort? yeah.. I should have done other things to afford life in a big place like London, (I think i forgot to mention that the place of the story is London, United Kingdom.) , but I didn’t.

I got stuck to this. Why, you may wonder if I didn’t make any $$$? Because the companionship was great and the attention I got in a session was … no words for that.

The next month, I had more clients, dunno exactly the numbers, but like 5-10/week.

The next month also more clients and so on until the number of customers remained steady at 200/month and the rest is history.

In few words this is my story, but I will give more details about the escort industry, the marketing for the call girls and many more aspects in the following posts.

Keep tuned!


Bella Escort